The date is 2nd July 2079: 5,5 months after receiving the last field report from Jacob on 17th January 2079: World Apocalypse Origins

Disease, hunger, fear, stench and blood is what now rules the underground. Radiation levels have nearly reached peak on the northwest underground territories, and the fear is it will further fest downwards, affecting all. The Maastricht underground has been divided into 15 divisions, including 7 infantry divisions and 3 construction divisions. Not all military – but also the best and brave of the civilians which are still able to walk and work, help out!
All hopes are on the 3 construction divisions to find a way out of the radiation underground – deeper and further south. To be quick enough to prevent contamination and slow death…  The second biggest target is for the Benelux Movement to re-establish base communications and unite forces.

Today we have been able to decrypt scrambles of communications in form of notes and recordings from seeker Ismael – whom has left approximately 6 months ago!  This means that the mission has nearly succeeded and he should be close! We still need to connect the electromagnetic Telco magnifiers, but for that we need Ismael as he holds the the encryption key! Where is Ismael? Where has he gone? We NEED to find him!

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Decrypted notes & recordings – period Jan 2079 – May 2079

A horrific collection of notes & recordings from seeker Ismael :

  1. 21st February 2079 – “The death of Jacob
  2. 14th March 2079 – “Commander Nielsen
  3. 10th April 2079 – “Nuclear Outblast
  4. 5th May 2079 – “The red doors

21st February 2079

The death of Jacob

Jacob had nearly perished along the way through malnutrition and did not bear the strength to continue.  Having further carried him a far-long way on a self-made stretcher, he decided to stay put in the abandoned base in Rochefort where we would re-connect after reaching central Verdun command center of the Western Union Forces (WUF). I hope he was already dead or at least unconscious when he was eaten to the bone, as the sight and stench when we reached him after the rendez-vous 5 days later was unbearable. The flesh was already starting to rot, and there were maggots crawling out of its left eye cavity. This must have been these goddamn wild dogs! I burried what has remained of him, the day after in a small but still nice looking abandoned cemetery near Rochefort along the way back to Marche-en-Famenne. May god have mercy on his soul!

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14th March 2079

Commander Nielsen

Commander Nielsen from the 5th Infantry Western Union Forces has been promoted as secret leader of the Benelux Movement. After an exhaustive travel through ruins I have finally managed to find him! With the target of re-establishing communications with the Maastricht Infantry divisions – we have been granted the facilities and additionally 20 brave men and women – to accompany the return journey to Maastricht. On the 350km+ journey we will need to safely spread out the electromagnetic Telco magnifiers over 10km intervals, so we can re-establish long distance underground communications structurally. On the way we will need to carefully look out for Asian-Pacific forces (APAC), as they have been spotted to roam the Northern-Belgian territories of former-Europe, looking for living humans and killing everything in sight.

Hopes for reconciliation between the Asian Pacific APAC forces and the Western Union Forces (WUF) are a long way out. The struggle continues. The resistance is real!  Long Live the Benelux Movement!

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10th April 2079

Nuclear outblast

“eyelids, ears and smaller body parts falling off”

The contamination from the blast on the 31st December 2078 blew right into the Belgium territory, following the strong winds. People within a radius of 100 km from the blast zone have immediately evaporated, or are assumed to have deceased from the radiation in the immediate days after. For the people whom were too late to find shelter and were within the 400km radius south-west from the blast-zone, have been exposed to extreme radiation and have said to have eyelids, ears and smaller body parts falling off – to the point where we have found people with half of their skin shed off like a snake – leaving open, bulgy, yellow-puss-covered dead bodies alongside public parks, abandoned supermarkets and all places you can imagine. They probably found their way to death in a slow excruciating manner.  

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May 5th 2079

The red doors

We have arrived back in Maastricht after a long journey.  Of the 21 starting the journey, we are left with 6! The complete city is abandoned but really dangerous. Malicious Asian Pacific (APAC) – forces have been spotted above ground, dropping grenades, mortars and other explosives down put holes and fortified trenches – trying to chase down the population. The people that go up in extreme fear of the explosives – get picked up and raped or tortured to death in vicious ways. Even cases of people getting eaten alive have been recorded. 

Horrifying screams of death have said to roam the red doors and haunt the place.  

The “red doors” have been told to be used for most extreme purposes by the APAC brutes. Horrifying screams of death have said to roam the red doors and haunt the place.  

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We need help!
If there is anyone whom has been in contact with Ismael (SEEKERID317129) – please directly report in on the 51kHz radio frequency!

It’s of utmost importance to NOT report in with the Western Union Forces – solely report in by radio on mentioned frequency