PART 1 – World apocalypse origins: the Maastricht files

The year is 2079. Location: Maastricht.

Every year the people used to celebrate new years eve, with the passing of a the last day of a Mayan-calender year. Ever since the 5th of August 2053  we stopped counting and live by the correlation of the sun and the moon… 

But back then, this was a celebratory moment – cheering and laughing, while time ticked away outside. Birds chirping, dogs barking, people chanting…

After the first atomic Tsar bomb was dropped in Iraq in 2053 – a chain reaction of raging nuclear wars have resulted in the complete civilization being reduced to approximately 1-tenth. The complete east coast of USA has been struck by death and decay – as more than 5 bombs were simultaneously dropped by the Russian Federation on respectively New York, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Atlanta and Miami – “the annihilation of the USA and the western imperialism” as it was communicated across the world. 

Retaliation was immediate and destructive for man kind – as alliances were forced upon and complete worldwide nuclear apocalype was initiated! Long range ballistic missiles were immediately fired from and to all continents and countries. All biggest capitol cities were directly targeted back and forth – from Russia: Moscow, Stalingrad, St Petersburg; to Asia – Tokio, Bejing, Bankok;  to Australia – Sidney, Perth;  to Europe and Eastern Europe…  The remaining scraps of nation armies and under-fed civilians – have geared under two remaining forces: The Western Union Forces (WUF) and the Asian Pacific Forces (APAC). The countries that did not pledge allegiance to one of the two forces – were annihilated through nuclear bombing.

Maastricht fell victim on new years eve of 2078. The bomb dropped was the first of a 6th generation nuclear bomb, requiring no fissile material, allowing these nuclear bombs to be made in secrecy and in such a small package, that it could easily be carried along in a everyday suitcase. Having officially pledged allegiance to the WUF – The Dutch, Belgian, French and Luxembourg people had formed a secret alliance under “The Benelux Movement” since large connected geographical parts of these countries had remained clear from bombing and radiation.

The news had spread out among the APAC forces. Suspicions have been that the APAC supreme council was able to secretly carry the bomb into the United Nations congress which was held active in Maastricht as part of the signing of the newly refined NATO years resolutions. Paradoxically striving for world-peace, this end of year UN congress was used by the APAC forces to detonate a 6th generation A-bomb…

The people remaining have sought refuge underground, as the radiation has made it impossible to stay above ground for more than 2 hours. The ‘seekers’ are the only ones remaining, which are brave enough for above-ground expeditions. As former regular-foods are no longer available due to contamination, the seekers travel great distance to find something that is edible. 


The last retrieved field report that had come in was in 17th January 2079, seventeen days after the Maastricht bombing:

JACOB-317576-2079-01-17 report:
“Today we have found nothing edible. We are staying alive with old emergency military stock, but we are running low… dangerously low!. We will keep searching for food! From the south of Holland, to the borders of Spain – the Benelux will rise again! We will fighty ag………”




Below field report images show their last activity.


If there is anyone out there who has seen jacob [SEEKERID317576] or ismael [SEEKERID317129]. Please report in on the latest 51hz stereo frequency!


You are NOT alone!



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