And then he figured:

This is going to be epic!

Continuous doubt between purchasing the Olympus OM-D e-m10 mark II or starting with a second-handed Nikon D90 which i can find readily available for low prices on trading sites… So what did i do?

Well… Going from an initial 300 – 400 € budget – this eventually went up and up and up…

The Olympus was set for € 895 in October 2017 so it was far above my initial range. However, as details came in and comparison grew widely – the requirements became heavier and resulted in a tendency to be more comfortable with an every growing purchase price!

So eventually it came up to a weigh off between the Nikon D5600 and the Olympus EM10 Mark 2. I have had the opportunities to take photos with an older Nikon D90 DSLR as well as a Sony Alpha 5000 system-camera. I was surprised about the quality of the photos of the Alpha 5000! It’s very quick; takes great sharp photos – and – very small! But, with the basic  lens kit of 16-55mm, I did not have that zoom range that I longed for. I was looking for a range from 18 (or less) up to 140mm or  more.

So, being positively surprised by the results of the system camera – this was now

The shit!

So… Research!
The Alpha 5000 was already an older version and by October 2017 there were already new versions out:

  • The Sony Alpha 6000 with amazing 11 photos per second, but it did not have a touchscreen.
  • The Sony Alpha 6300 did have a touchscreen, however it was way out of range (1299 euro).

Well, the Alpha 6000 did not have a touchscreen, but it did get recommended everywhere as one of the best affordable system-camera’s delivering pretty much the best quality possible (also video!). So why not the Alpha 6000?
Aside from the price of around 900 euro being the main reason not to purchase it (with a 14-150 mm lens – can’t actually not find that one anymore online) – the Olympus OMD EM-10 Mark ii came in to the picture! This had a 5-axis image stabilization – that would allow you to take longer shutter-speed photos straight from the hand. Also it was available with 14-150 mm lens! However, the price – still €895 (400-500 more than initial range).

So by now i figured: System Camera’s are recommended by photographers as the next big thing and will surpass the DSLR’s! There’s a great camera that I can now buy for €895 with a 14-150 mm zoom (Olympus OMD EM-10 Mark ii 14-150) – why not?

Because of a feeling.

The pictures of the Nikon D90 i took just have a feeling in them – which you cannot capture with a system camera. In some way, somehow the results of the photos differ. The DSLR takes it differently, adding more feeling into the pictures.

So… I purchased the Nikon D5600 for € 999 bucks (bought it at – great service!).
So going from 400 euro to spend and debating to go even cheaper but compromising on quality – this lead up to a 999 euro purchase!

Why the D5600:

  • Tiltable touchscreen
  • Great autofocus (seen videos)
  • Same CMOS censor as D7100
  • Small
  • Great reviews!


As a result – you can find how i see the world through

I LOVE the camera! It’s great, produces great quality pictures and is very easy to use! I would recommend this definitely!