PART 2 – The red doors from hell

The date is 2nd July 2079: 5,5 months after receiving the last field report from Jacob on 17th January 2079: World Apocalypse Origins.  Disease, hunger, fear, stench and blood is…

Jury beslissing: De beste kebab in Maastricht en omgeving!

Kebab. Kebab, het beste eten… OOIT! Naast pizza dan… En sushi niet te vergeten! Voor alle 3 mag jij mij altijd storen, wakker maken, in het gezicht spugen,…

PART 1 – World apocalypse origins: the Maastricht files

The year is 2079. Location: Maastricht. Every year the people used to celebrate new years eve, with the passing of a the last day of a Mayan-calender year….

The monk who sold his ferrari

So there you go, it’s 2010 and you are at the age of 22. You start living the life as it unfolds, having absolutely no clue where this…

The Google Design Sprint

The Google Design Sprint What is it? The google design sprint is a methodology that has become common practice for companies to innovate and to go out-of-the box….